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universalhorrorfilms.tumblr.com that was uncalled for

Hey there’s a reason I don’t follow any blogs about horror films: I do not like horror films at all. So posting a big gifset of scenes from a horror film and forcibly putting it on my dash direct from your tumblr despite me not following you (for the above stated reason) is really really not nice.  Really really really not nice at all. I was about to go to bed, man…

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    for srs.
  2. whyggdrasil said: srsly, what the heck?
  3. doodlemancy said: AGREED. Also, to avoid this shit in the future, you can get tumblr savior and block the keyword sponsored_badge_icon, which will block all sponsored posts from appearing. C:
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    I didn’t know what you were talking about until I saw it. Blocked it and also really pissed ‘cause it was seriously...
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